Saltwater Fishing Tips Surf Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing

Saltwater Fishing Basics

Comparing freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing is almost like looking at two different worlds. Almost everything is quite different, from the fishing tackle and the equipment used, to the types of fish.

Saltwater fishing can be an adventure. The ocean is so vast and contains many, many kinds of fish. It is exciting just thinking about what type of fish that you will catch and how large it might be. The possibilities are endless when fishing in the sea.

The fishing gear and tackle used for saltwater is usually heavier and is designed to handle larger, stronger fish. Fishing leaders are commonly used as many ocean fish have teeth. Larger fishing reels and heavier fishing line are a normal part of saltwater fishing.

Saltwater fishing is separated into two types of fishing, inshore and offshore. Inshore fishing would include fishing in the surf, on the beach, on a fishing pier, inter coastal waterways, passes, canals, rivers, and bays. The kinds of fish that you will catch inshore are usually smaller than the fish caught offshore. Also, the fishing gear for inshore fishing will be lighter than that used for offshore. Offshore fishing would include any type of fishing that occurs away from the coastline such as trolling, fishing sunken wrecks and deep sea fishing. The sky is the limit when fishing offshore as a large sea can produce very large fish. Offshore fishing will normally involve going on a charter with an experienced captain that knows what fish to target, how to catch them, and where to find them.

There is no end to the excitement and fun that you can experience when fishing in the ocean. Saltwater fishing is an experience for all to enjoy.